Henry Lewis Suggs, Ph.D.
The Preeminent Scholar of the Black Press in America

The Black Press in the Middle West, 1865-1985

300 pages. Originally published by Greenwood Press, Westport, Connecticut, in 1997.

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"... A handy reference. Hundreds of small, regional newspapers are described; many from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries .... Some of these papers provide the only extant record of black life in forgotten and remote towns .... Suggs has brought together a wealth of information that would be difficult to find elsewhere; the book presents historians with a guide to a rich and often neglected source of information."

- Walter A. Friedman, Business History Review 71:01 (Spring 1997), 125-126.


Table of Contents

Henry Lewis Suggs

Chapter One
The Promised Land: The Chicago Defender and the Black Press in Illinois, 1862-1970
Juliet E.K. Walker

Chapter Two
The Black Press in Indiana, 1879-1985
Darrel E. Bigham

Chapter Three
Equal Rights to All, Special Privileges to None: The Black Press in Iowa, 1882-1985
Allen W. Jones

Chapter Four
The Black Press and the Search for Hope and Equality in Kansas, 1865-1985
Dorothy V. Smith

Chapter Five
Urban Voice of the People: The Black Press in Michigan, 1865-1985
Julius Eric Thompson

Chapter Six
The Black Press and Issues of Race, Politics and Culture on the Great Plains of Nebraska, 1865-1985
D.G. Paz

Chapter Seven
Democracy's Notebook: A History of the Black Press in Ohio, 1865-1985
Felecia G. Jones Ross

Chapter Eight
Oklahoma: Genesis and Tradition of the Black Press, 1889-1980
Nudie Eugene Williams

Chapter Nine
The Black Press, Migration, and the Transplantation of Culture on the Great Plains of South Dakota, 1865-1985
Henry Lewis Suggs

Chapter Ten
The Progress of "Race Men" and "Colored Women" in the Black Press of Wisconsin, 1892-1985
Genevieve G. McBride

Chapter Eleven
Conclusion: An Interpretive History of the Black Press in the Middle West, 1865-1985
Henry Lewis Suggs

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