Henry Lewis Suggs, Ph.D.
The Preeminent Scholar of the Black Press in America

The Noble Warrior: Chester Arthur Franklin and The Kansas City Call, 1919-1955

A biography of Chester Arthur Franklin, founder of The Kansas City Call. The Call would become one of the six largest African American weekly newspapers in the United States and one of the largest black-owned and operated businesses in the Midwest. Prominent employees of The Call included Roy Wilkins, Frank A. (Fay) Young, and Lucile Bluford.

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Table of Contents

Chapter One
The Beginning: Like Father, Like Son, Omaha Nebraska, 1880-1898

Chapter Two
From Denver to Kansas City, 1898-1913

Chapter Three
The Golden Years: Entertainment, Business, Baseball, and Politics, 1913-1930

Chapter Four
Depression, World War II, and Politics, 1930-1950

Chapter Five
A New World A-Coming: The Kansas City Call, 1950-1953

Chapter Six
On the Road to Brown, 1954-1955


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